Community of Teachers Cohort (CTC) meeting


We are pleased to announce that on November 4, 2016 we held our first “Community of Teachers Cohort (CTC) meeting” for the benefit of all of our Peter Greeman Scholars. It was a great meeting where the CTI Scholars exchanged ideas and experiences, some that were common to all and others that were not as common. It was a meeting which celebrated their successes, expressed concerns, contemplated hardships, and mulled over some sensitive issues which only other teachers can truly understand and relate to.

We used this meeting as a time to learn from one another and to hopefully establish future bonds and partnerships with one another. The CTI Scholars used this opportunity to identify, examine, and consider classroom strategies that would strengthen their teaching.

It is our hope that over time these will become regular meetings which will provide opportunities for our CTI Scholars to come together and collaborate as a potential resource for one another, with the mutual understanding that they all strive for one common goal – to be the best possible culturally-connected teacher in an urban classroom.

The evening was a tremendous success as we all walked away from that CTC meeting feeling more connected to one another.