Science Genius

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2016’s Science Genius rap battle came with new sponsors, new friends, and a giant new space!  Of course, the music was as great as it always is!

We met this year at New York’s legendary Javits Center, in conjunction with ESI’s awards ceremony.  Student teams of rappers came from seven different schools, as well as from Canada.  Program directors Chris Emdin and Edmund Adjapong did a fine job of producing a show of no equal.  Once again, Hollywood star Derek Luke headed the cast of judges tasked with the impossible – pick a winner from our finalists.

What a great group they were!  Once again, Science Genius searched schools all over New York to find and develop the best of the Science rappers.  This year was exceptional!  From all five boros they came, as well as visitors from the North. We had groups, we had solos – but most of all we had science.

At the came-too-soon end, a champion was picked, and took home the trophy.  But all agreed – winners and runner-ups alike – that it was a special evening, sure to instill pride and confidence in students and their schools.  And the music was great!

We hope to see everyone again – and all of you – at next year’s event!