CTI Scholar Dinner

Friday night, May 27th, was a glorious celebration dinner of CTI’s scholars. The celebration was held at the Lexington Brass in New York City!

Along with the scholars, administrators from our participating colleges and CTI executive members Tim & Paulene Greeman sat down to enjoy a sumptuous meal and pleasant company.  It was a great success, with all the students discussing their experiences and triumphs of the past school year!

There was plenty of good news to share:  Michelle and Bianca are graduating, and will soon be established in their own schools and working! Lizmary is close to graduating and just needs to complete her student teaching!

The dinner was a very positive experience. It was wonderful to have 7 out of the 11 Peter Greeman Scholars in attendance, sharing and elaborating on their individual teaching experiences. We wish everyone could have attended, but understand that it was the Friday before the Memorial Holiday weekend.

After the scholars introduced themselves, we had the scholars pick prepared questions out of a hat and give a brief response (i.e. – If you could change something about your school, what would it be? What surprised you this year?) It was a great way to break the ice and enabled everyone to become comfortable enough to actively engage in conversations about their classrooms and experiences. It went so well that we kept the room for an extra half hour, and continued talking even after that.

Before we left we were all in agreement that it would be beneficial and constructive to replicate the experience by having regular meetings during the upcoming school year. We agreed to start by scheduling two meetings – one in October and one in March. (We’ll be using the recommended “Doodle” app to schedule these get-togethers, meeting places to be determined.)

Where it will go from there is anyone’s guess, but it is our hope that these meetings will evolve into regular monthly or bimonthly meetings where a “Community of Teachers” can come together to share and collaborate.