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HipHopEd, a non-profit organization created by Chris Emdin and Edmund Adjapong recently hosted The Science Genius program’s presentation of B.A.T.T.L.E., the hip-hop science competition!

Edmund and Chris have been doing ground-breaking work in Reality Pedagogy, which uses the students’ lives and experiences to help them learn. With HipHopEd, students are given an opportunity to use their love of rhyme and music to express their knowledge of science. The results have been spectacular.

It also makes a great show! On June 20th, 2015 parents, teachers, friends, and HipHopEd all met at Teachers College for the final “showdown” between the top ten rapping groups/individuals from ten different NYC-area high schools. The event was proudly sponsored by Community Teachers Initiative. Every act was great! The knowledge and passion expressed should be prominently displayed to all the doubters of both rap music and its educational value. These students performed brilliantly.

We are so proud to be involved with such an exciting, important piece of teaching/learning history. And we are going to do it again next year!