Community Teachers Initiative (CTI) established the Peter Greeman Scholarship Fund to support economically disadvantaged teaching students – from the highest-needs schools in the inner city – so that they could return to those same needy classrooms; not only prepared to teach, but prepared to help their students succeed. Our Peter Greeman Scholars come from various backgrounds, but all share a common goal – to give back to the communities they came from and make a difference in their students’ lives. At CTI we select and foster the development of highly qualified urban teachers who will bring authentic, and engaging pedagogy into their urban, high-needs classroom.

Our Goal

Community Teachers Initiative supports the improvement of public education with “home-grown” teachers from urban neighborhoods. We do this by increasing the numbers of high-caliber, culturally-connected teachers in urban classrooms who are rooted in the urban community. This improves the effectiveness of public education. CTI recruits, develops, and nurtures culturally-connected teachers committed to the empowerment of students and the transformation of public education to better meet the future.